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Asia, home to more than half the earth’s population, offers a seemingly infinite number of worlds to explore. It’s a vast continent encompassing grand mountain ranges, deep seas, immense deserts, tropical forests and teeming cities. Your trip options are as boundless as the destination itself: take a train across the endless plains of Siberia, meditate in Tibetan Buddhist enclaves, amble along the Great Wall of China or dive alongside dolphins off the coast of Japan.

The people of Asia live both a simple and complex lifestyle – a sight only to be admired. There are a multitude of ethnic groups inhabiting the region and many still live a traditional way of life. To an outsider, the traditional lifestyle may appear simple, but the cultural traditions, beliefs, attitudes and values are often very complex but suited to their respective environmental situation. In other parts of the region you will witness towering skyscrapers mushrooming in the cities with a dynamic way of life. Be among the privileged to witness the multitude lifestyle in this region.

The region is like no other – always different, always exciting and always eye catching.

The most diverse, beautiful, enjoyable, and accessible landscapes in the world.